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Newsletter: Lineup Part 1 and New Location

Dear Sternfest family, Our notebooks are overflowing with great ideas for the coming year. We have also taken your wishes and suggestions to heart. These include live music, longer playing times, etc. Unfortunately, there is not enough space in the... Read More

Sternfest 2024

Wow, what a Sternfest 2023! We are still reminiscing and knocking remnants of fog out of our upholstery. Your great feedback has confirmed our work! Therefore, we do not hesitate to announce with excitement: There will be a Sternfest 2024!... Read More

Thank you! Sternfest 2024 & Super Early Bird Tickets

You don’t want to miss anything? Then sign up for our newsletter now and get regular spacy news about our beautiful festival! Dear ones! The landing after the Sternfeld 2023 has ruffled our hairstyles quite well and we are still... Read More

πŸ’£ Lineup Part 2 πŸ’£

πŸ’£ Lineup Part 2 πŸ’£ For the weekend we unveil the second part of our magical lineup! 🎟 Get your Ticket! 🎟 In the enchanted days & nights at Mellensee we meet:

πŸš€ Lineup Part 1 πŸš€

We are tired of the long secrecy and just can’t stand it any longer: finally we can give you a first glimpse of our program this year! πŸ™Œ In the winding corners of our beautiful oasis 🏞 and deep in... Read More