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We regularly update all information and adapt to the current situation. So please check our FAQ again shortly before the festival starts

At the Skalar Festival we want to celebrate together and be together. We wish to treat all fellow human beings and the environment with respect.

Take care of yourselves and your surroundings and don’t leave any rubbish behind.

The Skalar Festival is a place of free development, acceptance and collective togetherness. We say no to sexism, homophobic & right-wing ideas and other forms of discrimination.

If you feel uncomfortable with something or see another person in an uncomfortable situation, don’t hesitate to speak to us! Our awareness team will be there to support you throughout the festival. Our bar staff, security and production team will be happy to refer you to the awareness team or you can find us in the Auszeit tent, our drug-free space to relax and unwind.

There is also a no-shirt-no-service policy at the bars and counters on the festival site. Even if it gets hot, please be considerate of others, especially on the dancefloor, and take a step back if you disturb others with your nudity.

You can find an extract from our awareness concept here:

For your campers, vans and motorhomes you will need an additional Camper Ticket, which you can obtain from our ticket shop.

Tent camping is included in the regular ticket. Please leave the campsite as you found it if possible and take your rubbish with you or hand it in at the designated drop-off points. Please do not leave any furniture or electronic waste behind.

No sound systems are permitted on the campsite.

The festival is open to people aged 18 and over. We make no exceptions and do not accept parental consent forms from parents.

Please leave your dogs at home! A festival is no place for a pet.

Our festival is explicitly not designed for children.

Barbecues and open fires are expressly prohibited on the entire festival site, including the camping area. There are designated barbecue areas on the lake site.

The possession of illegal drugs is not allowed. Anyone caught dealing will be thrown out and reported to the police. By buying your festival ticket and entering the festival area you agree to this.

There will be various vegetarian and vegan food stalls on the grounds.

Glass bottles are expressly forbidden on the entire festival site. Above all, we want to avoid glass breakage and reduce the risk of forest fires. We also ask you to buy your drinks on site at the bars if possible. By doing so, you are supporting the catering trade, whose income helps us to finance the festival. No outside drinks are allowed on the festival site. Your drinks are of course no problem on the campsite.

Whether there will be Sunday tickets again, as at the Sternfest 2023, is not yet clear. We will keep you up to date!

A refund or cancellation of your ticket is not possible. However, you can offer your ticket for resale via your account at our ticket provider TixforGigs. Furthermore, it is possible – also via TixforGigs – to sign over your ticket to a selected person. You can find help on this directly on the pages of the ticket provider at

You have applied as a volunteer and already bought a ticket? It’s best to wait for a firm commitment from us. You can always resell your ticket afterwards.

Arrival is possible from Thursday 2 pm.
Departure should be by 12 noon on Monday.
There is a music program between Thursday 6 pm and Sunday 8 pm.

Unfortunately, the Skalar Festival is not yet barrier-free. If required, please contact us via and we will see what solutions we can find together.