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We ask all guests to travel by public transport, Bassliner or bicycle if possible. This protects the environment and the utilisation of our parking spaces, as these are only available to a limited extent.

By train, bus or bicycle

There are various ways to get there by train or bus.

For example, coming from Berlin, take the RE1 to Frankfurt (Oder) and then the ODEG RB36 to Lake Helene. Or take the bus from Frankfurt railway station directly to the lake. Both the 984 bus and the ODEG RB36 run at regular intervals from FF/O railway station directly to the lake.

There is also a wonderful cycle path leading from Frankfurt railway station directly to Lake Helene.

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By car or camper

The address for travelling to the venue is: Am Helenesee 2 – 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

You need a separate ticket for each type of vehicle, you can book these at in our ticket shop.

If you are travelling in a camper van, you need a camper van ticket.

You need a parking ticket to park your car with us. If you have to come by car, then only park in the designated parking spaces and not on country lanes or in no-parking zones or fire lanes! You are liable for your car and will damage our reputation in the long term if you park wildly.

If you sleep in your car and want to use it as a campervan, you need a campervan ticket and not a parking ticket.

WoMo camping areas are separate from tent camping areas.

The instructions of the stewards must be followed at all times. We have an increased risk of forest fires.


Bassliner tickets are now online!

The Bassliner will take you from Berlin Ostbahnhof directly to the site and back again.

The contingent will be replenished from time to time, so it’s worth checking back if all the seats are sold out.

There is also a Sunday connection from Berlin to Lake Helene for all Sunday guests.